“After 70 years, I finally got to visit
the caves”

Frank who’s never visited the caves where his daughter works, gets an
opportunity through VR.

Experience the caves like never before!

Part of Ireland's only UNSECO Global Geopark, Marble Arch Caves in County Fermanagh were not able to welcome visitors during Covid restrictions. So, we decided to take the stunning underground cave network and bring it to people all over the world.

Enter the Marble Arch Caves VR Tour.

Users can experience the caves from the safety of their own home while escaping and being fully immersed in this expansive and rich environment, full of awe and wonder, engulfed in history and breath-taking scenery. Take a journey from above the beautiful Irish landscape down to the depths of Ireland’s core, to parts rarely seen by human eyes.

See, hear and feel the caves.

Best experienced with headphones, the full 360 film is shot in 6K with spatial audio, that lets you see, listen & feel as if you’re there, creating a deeply immersive simulation. Available at the Visitor Centre, where we designed and fitted out a VR room, it’s proved extremely popular when the caves become inaccessible due to flooding. And for those who can't visit the caves, it’s available on Oculus Quest 2, Google Cardboard, YouTube 360°, and Vimeo 360°.

Ireland’s only high-end VR cave activation.

The response to-date has been fantastic, attracting new and returning visitors to the geo-park and also capturing the attention of other International Showcaves who are seeking to imitate the tour.

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*best experienced in Google cardboard with headphones

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