“I wish I had experienced this before I lost my license”: Recovering alcoholic at a college demo of the virtual reality experience. Afterwards, he took several of the Cardboard versions to his local AA meeting.

The Irish Road Safety Authority's latest large scale Virtual Reality project puts you in the shoes of a drink driver. Different storylines allow you to experience the full extent of the agonising consequences of drink driving - from injury to prosecution - but all with the unique luxury of being able to take the headset off. Something you don't get to do if you're caught drink driving in the real world.

Shot in 6K with binaurial audio, it's a deeply immersive experience. So far it’s had over 135,000 views on the RSA Shuttle bus, which travels across the country. It’s also available on Oculus Go & Google Cardboard in colleges, making it one of Ireland's most accessible high-end VR activations.

View the Trailer for the VR experience here:

Ready to experience it now? You can download the Oculus Go App here:

Or download the Oculus Rift version here:

Or you can view 2 of the VR films on YouTube 360 here:
*best viewed on mobile in Google cardboard

Or download an .MP4 with 2 of the 360 films here:

Finally, see additional Supporting Material here: